Pastor Don and Yonsu Yi 
Important Dates:
Anniversary: September 2, 1996
My birthday: March 5
Yonsu's birthday: November 9
Timothy's birthday: January 14
Eliana's birthday: September 11
My Education:
B.A. at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ
Masters of Divinity at GCTS in S. Hamilton, MA
Favorite things about Journey of Faith:
People, people, people
My first job:
Cook for Fish and Chips
My favorites:
Spending time with my wife
Drinking coffee (habit I picked up from living in the Northwest)
Playing golf
Being part of fantasy football league
Life in Arizona:
I moved to Arizona from Washington in October of 2007
I was the English Ministry pastor at Desert Hope Christian Ministry of Tempe Korean Presbyterian Church
I became the founding pastor of Journey of Faith Church in February of 2011